Live Inspired

About The Artist

"The soul of an artist cannot remain hidden"

-Henri J.M Nouwen-

Born and raised in Montana at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Hannah was privileged to consistently be surrounded by natures beauty and wonder. From the tops of snowy mountains to the crystal glacier rivers, she has taken the influences of her home town as well as places she has traveled and put them into her paintings. Using bold representations in both flies and abstract paintings, she leaves the viewers with their own sense of connection to the paintings. Through every season of her life, art has kept her grounded as a way of expression and communication to the world around her. She is truly a gifted artist and person. Now, residing in Nashville, TN with her husband, she spends her time painting, exploring, listening to great music and searching for the next big fish around every bend. 


In her words:

     " Painting has become something more in my life than I ever thought it would be. It went from being something that I did on a rare occasion, to being the passion in my life that I pursue on a daily basis. I hope that when you study my paintings, you leave more inspired about life and it's possibilities. " 

     Live inspired,